Micromite Console

Is a simple console editor that allows you to connect to any COMx port that is connected with MMBasic Micromite board on Microchip PIC32 or STM32-Nucleo tech.
This the features:

  • console is optimized for Micromite Tech and language
  • integrated Editor, you can write the code and send to micro, save and manage codes or libraries
  • compatible VT100 UARTs (you can use this console for other projets)
  • different shortcuts to optimize some frequent steps, cpu reset, cpu frequency, etc
  • UART over TCP capability as ser2net and viceversa
  • Xmodem protocol for data transfer Micromite>PC, PC>Micromite, integrated in the editor
  • Ability to modify the rows in real time
  • String/s panel to create macro or repetitive commands

MMBasic and Micromite are Geoff Graham’s projects.

This is the link of the forum : Microcontroller and PC projects

This app has been developed with DELPHI 10.3 VCL/WIN32 for WIN 10/7