Nodemite 64 OPIzero

is a carrier board design for some OrangePI board. 64 OPIzero is designed in Italy is based on Micromite MkII project programmed with the MMBasic firmware by G. Graham. MMBasic is a Microsoft BASIC compatible implementation of the BASIC language with floating point and string variables, arrays, long variable names and integrated editor and other features:

  • Headers compatible with OrangePI ARM family (Zero H2, Plus2,H3,H5)
  • 32 bit PIC32MX470 @120Mhz with 100KB flash and 100KB RAM for memory programs and variables
  • 20Mhz crystal for timekeeping
  • BASIC Interpreter with ready prompt on CONSOLE
  • Integrated screen Editor in console via UART(CONS) or USB
  • I2C, SPI, DIGITAL, ANALOG, INTERRUPT, COUNTER, RTC, 4xCOMs, 4xSERVOs, PWM, LCD panel features, USB 2.0, uSD, 32 free I/O pins, all features integrated with the MMBASIC language
  • Variables: 64 bit integer, Floating point, Strings, Array
  • CPU command can change processor speed from 5 MHz to 120 MHz
  • Board measures : 96x96mm, Holes diameter 5mm