WEB app

WEPapp is an integrated system to create cross-platformmanagement software (like desktop) compatible on any mobile / desktop browser. The system is based on 64bit multicore application developed in Delphi and Unigui (server side) that allows you to bring all the potential of an application designed for desktop to the WEB

WEBapp technology allows us to create web applications that are very similar to desktop applications in appearance and functionality

  • Code written in Delphi 10.x for the interface service engine
  • WEB and GUI interface using UNIGUI, as a graphical interface multithread
  • Multiplatform and compatible with all existing browsers for Desktop, Mobile and Tablet
  • FastReport advanced reports with export in PDF, XLS, WORD, JPG, PNG, CSV formats
  • Server side is Windows Server 2019 environment with IIS Internet server services for Microsoft Windows operating systems, with ISAPI (acronym for Internet Server Application Programming Interface) to extend the functionality of the Internet Information Services (IIS) web server
  • The interface is designed and integrates modules to manage menus, profiles, users, groups, file management, file and string resources, template reports, reports processed and saved as data structures and / or pdf, xls, historical, audio and video reports
  • PASscript (pascal script) is integrated with the system and GUI, it’s possibile to run multiple script code and/or for simulation and complex calculations for simulations
  • The existing interface is to be modeled on the current customer, building everything around the new multi-platform web technologies
  • Rich Internet Application (RIA) development is one of the most challenging fields in software development. Tasks like managing user sessions, monitoring view state, updating web controls, handling AJAX calls, and so on can be very challenging, It is also possible to integrate external frameworks such as Bootstrap 4.x or 5.x
  • Regardless of device, operating system, CPU and display, the same level of user experience can be achieved on all devices with a compatible web browser. It allows great freedom in the choice of client devices. The client device can be anything Windows PC, OSX, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Android, iOS
  • Web sessions are the core elements of web application. Each time a user opens a new instance of the web application, a new session is created on the server with multithread capacity. Each session will remain active on the server until the user terminates it or a timeout condition occurs. Each session maintains a complete state of the web application execution. Each session has a unique “session ID” which is used to distinguish it from other sessions. The session ID is assigned at session creation and included in every Ajax request, so the request can be routed to the correct session.

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