Nodemite 48mini

designed in Italy is based on Armmite L4 project, programmed with the MMBasic firmware by P. Mather and G. Graham (Micromite project). MMBasic is a Microsoft BASIC compatible implementation of the BASIC language with floating point and string variables, arrays, long variable names and integrated editor and other features.

  • 32 bit STM32L431-48pin or L433-48pin @80Mhz, 50KB for CODE, 50KB free RAM for memory programs and variables
  • BASIC Interpreter with ready prompt on CONSOLE ports, commands can be entered at the prompt
  • Integrated screen Editor in console via CONSOLE
  • I2C, SPI, DIGITAL, ANALOG, INTERRUPT, COUNTER, RTC, 2xCOMs, 4xSERVOs, DAC, PWM, LCD panel features, socket for ESP8266-01, all features integrated with the MMBASIC language to pilot all pins
  • Variables: 64 bit integer, Floating point, Strings, Array
  • Advanced Graphics features with SPI-LCD (ILI9341, ST7735)
  • CPU command can change processor speed from 2 MHz to 80 MHz, without ports reconfiguration
  • External Flash memory 32Mbit for file operations (Lite FS)
  • Board measures : 48x48mmx1.6mm, holes diameter 5mm (sizes and holes 𝑳𝑬𝑮𝑶™ compatible)