Unicode Finder

You can use this app as a Unicode finder as an explorer, text editor or advanced character finder.

These are the characteristics:

Tab Grid:

  • here you can find the belonging blocks and type on the grid
  • once you have selected the font, you can click on it to bring it to the clipboard
  • with the navigation buttons it is possible to switch from one character to another easily
  • a legend makes you quickly understand the hex value, decimal and the description of the character

Tab Key:

  • a character value can be entered using the hex or decimal keyboard
  • once selected, you can type the “goto” button to go to the grid
  • there are fast navigation buttons can bring you to character

Tab Text:

  • here you can type a text and insert the selected character if necessary
  • you can edit the text and bring it to clipboard

Find Tab:

  • you can type a part of the character description and find it
  • then just press on the selected one to bring it into the Grid

Three skins included in the app for easy reading, white, black and blue backgrounds.

This app has been developed with DELPHI 10.3 FMX

Here an article by Jim McKeeth on Cool Apps of Embarcadero

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